Hey, I just had my first gig today, and did much better than I thought I'd do. I didn't have much preparation, so I only did 4 songs, but the venue owner liked it and invited me back. I got compliments from 2 people afterwards (it's a small record store, only 4 people were in the place when I was playing). I played all covers, and for that, I feel guilty.

So, UG, should I take up her offer and play an improved cover set, or wait for a while, and write some original songs to sing? And where the hell do I get gigs as a 15 year old?
I'd say go for the cover set right now. And maybe he'll keep inviting you back and you can add originals into your set as time passes.
You could probably play at public events, coffee shops, or you could busk.
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yea, keep playing covers, then do originals, and everytime you play the place, you'll get a bigger rep, and more people will come see you everytime.
A good buddy of mine, and the current lead singer/rhythm guitarist in one of the bands I'm involved in is 17.

He got started by just having his guitar with him and playing at parties when he was around 14. Gradually it started getting around because he was actually a pretty good songwriter and could improvise pretty well off the top of his head, so people started wanting him to come and play at parties and stuff.

Now he's 18 and he's put out several demos and a lot of venues around where we live are trying to book him because he brings in a lot of customers.
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Take the offer. It will give you good gigging experience and should be fun. Keep working on writing originals in your free time though. Later, you will be able to replace the covers with originals.

Congratulations on a good gig.
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Don't turn the offer down because a lot of times if you turn down a gig offer it's hard to get a gig there later on. Just start writing now and hopefully depending on when the next gig is you'll have at least 1 original done. Then you can see if people like it when you play it.