I have a question: is the hole in the guitar for the STANDARD stratocaster bridge with non-locking tuners the same as the hole for one with locking tuners?

For example, this is kind of what I have:

This is what i am thinking of putting in:

Are the holes in the guitar and the spring mechanism in the back the same?
yeah but what modifications would i have to make to my fender squier affinity strat to accept that kind of bridge. If it pivots on posts instead of screws, where is it held to the guitar? on the side? if thats true then where do the posts go? please help
you have to put a deeper cavity into the body to be able to accommodate this floyd, then you would have to route some more on the back and to the sides. And don't for get about the locking nuts, work on the neck also...
You would need to fill the existing 6 screw holes and drill 2 new ones for the sleeves to go in. And they have to be done pretty precise or it wont work well or stay in tune. You would nee to route the body for it to fit correctly. And if you want to actually use it like a FR will need a locking nut. Way better off keeping the guitar as is and building/buying something with a FR.
I wanted to do this to my Squier too, but you end up spending a lot of money. Instead get a Super Vee.
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