Looks like that's all you need to record. May want to invest in some mic stands though. And if you're going to be recording vocals grab a pop filter.

EDIT: I'm assuming you bought some XLR cables too?
Quote by timmyinpajamas
i dont know nothing about this stuff sorry .. whats a xlr cable ?

It's a cable to connect the microphones to the preamp. Now that I look at it again, I don't know how you'd connect the mic preamp to your computer to record two channels independently--and it looks like you'd have to go through your computer's soundcard, which would probably sound like crap. This might mean you'd still need a separate interface that connects to your computer via USB or FireWire. So it would be Microphones --> Mic Preamp --> Interface --> Computer.

I think you'd get much better responses in the Riffs and Recordings forum: the people there are very knowledgeable. I normally record to a standalone digital recorder so I don't know much about using computers to record.