I'm moving in another month and I'm trying to consolidate. So up for sale/trade is my SWR Strawberry Blonde Acoustic Amp. It's a single channel 80 watt acoustic amp, with a 10 inch speaker, tweeter, integrated DI box w/ XLR output. It also has Aural enhancer, effects loop, and reverb, as well as an effects blender. The only problem is the headphone jack on the front does not put out sound. The amp sounds beautiful and accurately recreates the sound of my Carvin and Ovation Acoustic Electrics. Note: This is the American made model, produced before Fender bought out SWR.

I'll sell it straight up for $250 plus shipping or reasonable trades for other guitar gear. The only restriction is your offer must be smaller or lighter than this amp, for the sake of my back.

A nice pedal or two would be great..

damn,, i might have to take this off your hands as well, I should wait till i get my stimulus payment next week though.
Just let me know. If you've got any trade ideas I'd be open to those as well.