So I noticed lately that on my 7th fret high E string that whenever i play that note, it continues to ring out, even after I stop fretting the note. I'm pretty positive it's not a harmonic, as it happened regardless of where I pressed down on the fret. The only way to stop it apart from just waiting a few second is to mute the strings on the neck. palm-muting doesn't stop it. This might not seem like a big deal, but that note ringing combines with the other notes i play, and it sounds terrible. No other fret on that string does it.

EDIT: I'm not doing a pull off when this happens,either
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Like I said, i'm pretty positive it isn't a harmonic. I am able to end harmonics with palm muting, but that doesn't stop this noise. It happens with both, but it's louder with distortion.
So what note is that at the 7th fret of the high E string? B right? What string just happens to be sitting right next to that one? B again yes? Try muting that one and see what happens. Or, your fretting a chord in which there are multiple B's in it, and are setting up resonance that way. Either way, think same notes as what you're fretting and figure out what other strings are susceptable to a resonant frequency. That is if it sounds like ass to you. If it sounds good with other strings ringing away, who cares right?
Hmm, i noticed that if i play the seventh fret, that many times muting the B string stops it. The weird thing is, those times i tried it, i am 100% positive that I was not touching the b string at all.