Picked up the new King Khan album today. "The Supreme Genius of King Khan and the Shrines." So far it seems really good. Nice old-school garagey sound. Never got into King Khan at all before this, but this is really a fantastic record.
king khan and the barbecue or something? I remember i was on the train a month ago, and i saw a girl checking out the record, the way she looked at it made me think it was her first record.

then today i was in a record store, accidently walked to another bin (garage) and it was the first one i saw.

boring stories, i tell them.
I love King Khan. I haven't listened to any of his Shrines stuff, but I do have a King Khan + BBQ Show CD someone burned for me. It's very good.
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I love the King Khan and BBQ Show, but KK's Shrine stuff hasn't really impressed me too much. I prefer BBQ's solo work. Anyone who likes them check out the Space****s and Les Sexareenos as well which have featured either one or both of the Show.
Who wants to play the King Khan and BBQ Game?

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Haha, I forgot about that. I tried to get that cd, and the store I was in has that system like Blockbuster where you bring them the case and they give you the disc. They gave me the disc for What's For Dinner, which didn't really bug me because it's a darn fine record. Plus I got that game.
Damn, about the third time through the album and it sounds really good. Granted, I've yet to listen to it non-stoned, but it seems amazing.
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i just ordered what's for dinner, based on the strength of this track


a spur of the moment decision, yeah

but this ain't the boy scouts, this is rock n' roll

You shan't regret it.

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my housemate is driving king khan and the shrines on tour... they're awesome.
Must check out more stuff.
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Finally got around to picking up What's For Dinner. I really like the King Khan & BBQ sound more than the King Kahn & The Shrines sound. It's a lot more raw and punky. King Khan & The Shrines have a much more psychedelic/artsy sound, while King Khan & BBQ is simple, raw, rock 'n' roll. Really good stuff. Anyone who hasn't yet, check them out.


I'm just glad I have a local record store that caries stuff like this. It's seriously full of nothing but punk, hardcore, indie, and that type of stuff. Very few non-ancient mainstream records in there.
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my housemate is driving king khan and the shrines on tour... they're awesome.

thats cool im going to go see them later this week
when i saw the shrines jello biafra came up on stage and sang rebel rebel with king khan
I didn't like 'em. They sound like most "zomg we're retro lol" crappy indie bands.

They're a bit rawer, which is always good, but the musicianship is inconsistent.

Better than most bands masquerading under the punk banner though, so no complaints.
We play Supreme Genius at work all the time. It's sooooo good. Makes me want to get my dance on while I fold standards.
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King Khan and BBQ are great. I saw them last night with The Lovvers and Black Lips. Pretty good show until the bouncers started being pricks.