I've been eyeing up the Randall RM series for a while now. The idea of having a tube amp capable of modular technology and not the other way around intrigues me. So suffice to say, I finally got one. I've been playing guitar and gigging with 3 different bands and a solo project for over 13 years now. This is my third tube amp. The others' I owned were a Peavey Valveking and a Marshall JTM60. Speaking of the JTM60, how does the JTM45 Mod sound? My main rig is either an ESP LTD EC 400 (EMG 81/60) or Ibanez ART300 (Dimarzio Breed/Evolution) into some EFX. I have a couple questions about the Randall....

1. Can the 50 watt 112 combo handle rehearsals and medium sized gigs? Granted, I know I can always and most likely will, mic the amp? What's a good mic that helps bring this amp to life?

2. I'm looking into getting an ext cab possibly 112 or 212. Can the RM50 handle a 212 ext cab or should I just stick with a 112 ext cab? Any suggestions?

3. From the reviews on this amp I read, do I need switch out the tubes or speaker anytime soon?

4. What are some good mods to get? I play more modern rock/alternative stuff in the vein of 3 Doors Down, Shinedown, Fuel, Seven Mary Three, Alter Bridge, Live, Collective Soul, basically any 90's grunge/pop rock band.

Right now, I have the Blackface, Clean and Modern mods. I got the Blackface b/c the Clean mod was way to sterile for me. I read a lot of good reviews on the Clean, yet it did nothing for me. Very disappointing. I'm waiting on the Blackface to come in. So, in other words I'm good on the clean setting. Now in terms of distortion/OD...... The modern is nothing great. It's high gain so I can do some nice tricks with it, but I need a smooth, sustain ROCK tone.

I'm looking into either the Recto, XTC or SL+? How about the Plexi, Brown or Ultra mods? What would one recommend for my style. I plan on using it for BOTH lead and rhythm. I have an Ibanez TS9DX tube screamer and a Dunlop Crybaby 535Q Multi-Wah for a boost pedal.

5. Possible thrid channel? Since mine is a two channel amp, what can I do to get that precious third channel without having to upgrade my amp? Should I just run a distortion pedal through the clean channel to give me a crunch/sustain for lead? What pedals work really well with this amp? I'm thinking about leaning towards either the JEckyl and Hyde or Pro Co Rat. Do I even need a pedal with this amp?

6. Like I said, I've been eyeing this amp for a while. I'm talking a couple years. I've read numerous reviews and spoke in depth with a friend of mine who uses this amp for his band. What can you tell me about this amp that I haven't already read, experienced or heard?

After playing this amp for a couple days now. I'm stoked. Can't wait for the Blackface mod to come and to get a nice distortion mod. Thanks.