OK, so I recently started using Winamp and I want to put lyrics on the songs I have on it, but I can't find where to do it. I'll right click a song and click 'View file info...' and there'll be no option for lyrics. Also, whenever I put songs on my iPod the album art won't show even though it shows it on Winamp. Keep in mind that I still have songs from when I used to use iTunes, and Winamp just adds what I put without erasing anything.

Help would be appreciated.
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Ok. Clearing things up a bit first, iTunes is a hoe, and Winamp kicks the llama's ass. Seriously. Ok, try putting the lyrics in the comment box. It might work. Otherwise, use Windows Media Player to put the lyrics on the tracks. Go to the library, right click, advanced tag editor, and then just put the lyrics in.