Well I bought a Schecter 006 Extreme in December and a month ago, one of the tuner pegs broke. I took it back to the store (its under warranty) and they still haven't fixed it! It has been over 4 weeks! Every time I call them, they say that they have contacted Schecter many times and ordered the parts... Why is it taking this long? Wth am I supposed to do? I am getting freaking pissed.

Does it usually take this long for companies to send out parts? or are they people just so f'ucking lazy?
no it takes long. they make the parts every so often, so sometimes theyre not making any. or its just taking too long haha
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Come on... a machine head would never take that long.... you might as well put on new good ones!
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i agree. A totally new part like that shouldn't take that long to fix. A tuning peg really isn't that hard. Maybe your guitar is like Epiphone's.

Epiphone recently started making these new, totally tizzight, replaceable necks with the heads. They cost like 20 bucks a pop. Also, check weekly on it, and tell thenm that they aren't gonna get your good money for a simple task that's taking this long. I mean seriously, Sam Ash could do it in an hour to a day. No joke.
If it's that much of an issue fix it yourself.
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Actually its not the "fixing" thats taking that long. Its the shipment from Schecter (thats what the music store is saying). I can't DIY, i might void the warranty..
Some shops are just like that. I took a guitar once to a local shop they said it would take 2 days took 4 weeks. Was always an excuse why it wasnt done. And when I got it back it cost more than the estimate and was done poorly. Send an email to schecter about your situation, maybe they will have a solution.
It's way cheaper if you can get a hold of Schecter support yourself. Guitar shop takes paids for doing nothing sometime.

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I have sent an email to schecter, lets see how that goes. I will post what they have to say later