This guy at the guitar store that has owned 20 different guitars recommended a Schecter. He said it was the highest quality factory made (Korean) guitar for around $600-700. If you own a Schecter, please tell me what you think.
Dude I have a Schecter XXX Dimond and it is ****ing amazing! They are great quality and sound awesome.
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Schecter C-1 Blackjack is terrific. Plays like a $1000 guitar. But I didn't really like the tempest that much. Play it for sure, and if it plays like butter, pick it up.
schecters are of very high quality even at lower prices, they sound greeat and play smooth. i personally like the c-1's. also look at the c-1 elite, its a discontinued model, but it's last production year was 2007, so you can probably find one for a good price and quality used.