I understand how the CAGED system fits together on the fretboard. I know how it works with scales but not chords. I play all the chords along the fretboard according to the CAGED sequence.

Why doesn't it include any flat or sharp chords (like C#)?

Is there a reason why B and F are left out?

Are the chords movable or do they have to stay in there CAGED place?

I am just wondering what is the point of the CAGED method for chords?

Sorry, I am new and I tried to search this but I couldn't find it.
i don't know about the rest, those are all open chords, if it's what i think it is, and b and f can't be open chords ('cept f minor)
What CAGED refers to are chord SHAPES. Basically everybody knows the open
chord shapes of C, A, G, E and D. If you think of these shapes as moveable (by
putting a barre in them), then this system shows you how to play the same
chord going up the neck in 5 different positions. The 5 CAGED fingering positions
for the major scale follow from the chord method.

There's no C#, B or F because you don't really understand how the method works.
Again, CAGED refers to SHAPES not actual chords and is a fairly intuitive way
to organize the fretboard because most everyone learns those shapes right away.

You use the CAGED system to play any chord you want, not just those 5 chords
given by the shapes.

For example, if you move the open D chord up 1 fret and just play the strings you're
fretting, it becomes D#. Same shape, but different position on the neck = different