Alright ive got me a fender acoustic and a fender telecoustic, ive been wanting an electric for a reasonable price and i looked and found this esp ltd ec50 for 200 on musicians freind,with good reviews, anyone with experience with this guitar, post back.
i dont have experience with this particular guitar but everyone i've spoken to who bought an ESP-LTD model havent really had any complaints...as your first electric guitar this is a great buy
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ya my freind said it was wonderful jusdt tryin to see how many people actually suggest it
i was thinkin bout gettin the tobbaco sunburst color if youve ever seen it b4
ESPs are pretty reliable except some of their junior signature models.

but it sounds like a good buy for a first axe.
The EC50 was my first axe, and its a pretty good guitar. Really good value for money, and an awesome neck for a cheap guitar. I say go for it!
insanity breed, how long have you had yours? what do you have now? and is yours still in good condition? and how much do you play? and what do you play?
I play mostly metal but also rock/blues/classical and whatever. It's still in decent condition, and I play every day. Had it for 3-4 years.
ya i play about the same stuff, cept ive got the telecoustic so it all doesnt sound as good as it will with the ec50
I played one at my local store. Was great, lightweight, didnt get in your way and wasnt a iron tonne like a normal Les Paul. Sounded great for the price, the neck was great like all ESP ones ive tried, the cutaway was really good (double cutaways are better though). Overall, if you can get one cheap, their great guitars for the price
My metal is more br00t4lz than yours

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i have the ec-100 qm which is the next one up and it is great awsome tone and versatility for the price you pay, really nice neck, good pickups, its a bit lightweight for my liking though (i like heavy guitars) but if you like light weight guitars that wont matter