I need a new bass amp; I would like it to be at least 200 watts and under $600 Canadian. I play in a band and I use a Rumble 25; I have to crank it to hear myself. We mainly play metal with an aggressive drummer and a guitarist with an Frontman 65. Thanks in advance.
Thanks Collin.

Edit: Since they're the same price should I go with the 210 instead of the 15?
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The 2x10 or 1x15 is personal preference. The 2x10 will give you nicer highs and mids, wheras the 1x15 will take care of those low frequencies. The amp has a cab output, which you will want to make use of to get the 400 watts, so you could get 1x15 now and hook up an 8 ohm 4x10 cab later. That would cover all the frequecies, and be a sweet rig.