So yeah, I've been playing through this sixteen watt Kustom bass amp for a while now and I can't hear a thing I'm doing in practice(up against a Marshall halfstack and a hard-hitting drummer...).
In short I need a new bass amp, preferably 100-200 watts as I would like to do small to medium sized gigs with it. I know how many of these threads there are and I have been through a bunch of them but I would like to ask an opinion on one specific amp as well as get a bunch of suggestions of possibilities. I would like to keep it below $700 as I'm kinda strapped....

Here are the amps I would like opinions on.

I quite like this one ---> http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Kustom-KBA-210C-2x10-Bass-Combo?sku=481428





And also, any suggestions I would love! I have next to no experience in buying bass amps and would really appreciate anything you guys could give.

Hey thanks,

I'll check into those, are there any other brands that you would suggest?

Anyone else?

i say get the galien krueger i mean its the same price and ur getting quality and when are you gonna need 1200 watts like that carvin
Quote by Kev_ Bass Funk
i say get the galien krueger i mean its the same price and ur getting quality and when are you gonna need 1200 watts like that carvin




Everyone knows that!
To paraphrase Fast_Bear, always buy the best quality and the most wattage your budget can manage. I have a 150W amp at present and I have no headroom with that baby, and its incredibly frustrating at times. You can bet the next time I go a hunting for equipment, I'll be looking for at least double that wattage.

And watch the GK combos. I own one and to say I am less than enthralled with it, is putting it mildly. Their low end stuff is not fantastic.
Do you guys know anything about SWR ? I heard that they're like half as loud as their wattage indicates and that can get irritating? any opinions?

Thanks for all the replies
Apparently GK backline series sounds too trebly and tinny. I'd say go for ashdown, great value for money amps they are!
Keep this in mind. With a SS amp, you don't want to crank it. So an amp that has a slightly lesser sound quality NOT cranked will sound better than a slightly better amp cranked. Get what I'm saying?

How many watts is your guitar player putting out? Is he using an MG? In any case, Try to get closer to 300 watts if possible. Would you buy used? Here's an example of what you could do. Get the Ashdown combo, and then get an extension cab. That'll bring you close to 700. You'll put out 307 watts which should be enough for most purposes. You could also buy one of the Carvin combos (BR610 or BR615), which will give you 400 watts total, but probably wouldn't be as loud as the Ashdown stack, because that would move more speakers. It still would be loud enough. The only problem is that you can't try Carvin's out, unless you live in California.