Hmm.... Whats a good metal guitar from $600-$1,000? I'm looking a Jackson Kelly KE3 but is there anything better that I could get?
kelly is goood. or a rhoads, but i wanna be unique and not be another guy who has a rhoads... so dont buy it. kelly is a kickass guitar and looks cool. hard to find though. you could get a warrior and have that 80's look rofl.
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anything esp. especially in that price range. or schecter. deans r good too in that range.too wide of a variety
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hey try prs(paul reed smith) i love em ive played one it was great my freind has one, sounds wonderful in metal
PRS,ESP,Kelly is actually a good idea as well.

I'm not going to push B.C. Rich on you because although their $600+ models are nice. Especially Mockingbirds

anything under that is pretty sketchy. Spent $300 on mine and was dissatisfied so I had to throw in some new hardware and spend another half grand modding and changing miscellaneous imperfections.
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