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just wonderin what everyones favorite guitar to ever get in the future would be?
Either the Alexi Laiho or Michael Amott LTD Signatures. More likely the MA, for it has a neck pickup.
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Definitely EXP LTD EX400, thats a bitching guitar, or a Gibson Explorer.
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I'd say a Fender Standard HSS Stratocaster.
Epiphone Dot
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Ah another thread of this nature huh?


Well I'm just going to keep this short n sweet.

Gibson Custom 1957 Chambered Les Paul Goldtop VOS

Though I would prefer a true vintage but then again I simply don't have the cash.
PRS Custom 24 10 Top w/ bird inlays and PRS Tobacco Burst or McCarty Tobacco burst.
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Either a Jackson KE3 or Jackson RR3.More inclined towards the KE3 tho.
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Well the next guitar im getting will probably be a Washburn X40 pro
Legend LP
Nylon Acoustic
Legend 10D Amp
Korg AX3G

I want one that has leds that change color according to what notes your playing.
Fender MIA Standard Strat ! Played one the other day...amazing.
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I would like a Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty in ebony with gold hardware. I have a Gibson explorer, but I am definitely more of a Les Paul guy. When I get a job, I'm going to save up, and buy that Les Paul. =D
A custom Carvin Bolt for me.

And then an MIA strat and eventually something with HH configuration
7 String Telecaster, and an American Strat with EMG Gilmour Pickups... yumm
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Dean V-coustic
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Peavey 1x12 Something..
I smell some serious GAS
as for me a hollow body randy rhoads... other than that not much thought
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Here is my next guitar I'll be ordering it in the next few weeks. I was a big KISS fan from the mid 70's to the mid 80's when they were kings Frehley Signature 700 Euros_R-954.html
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Eventually I'll be grabbing myself a PGM of some sort. Probably because Paul Gilbert is some form of deity and I'll be sent into a fiery abyss if I don't worship him in this manner.

That and an ES355. Which I'll be settling for because they don't make Blueshawks anymore.

I think I'm probably due for something acoustic that doesn't suck, so a nice resonator, too.

This is going to take a long, long time.
A white Gibson Explorer with DiMarzio PAF Pro's.

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PRS Private Stock SC245 at some point
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fender custom shop strat in olympic white with a humbucker in the neck, gold plated hardware and frets, and some kind of custom inlays.
I've been dreaming of that guitar for a looooooooong time.
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