can anybody recommend me a decent one? that wont give my computer more virus', I downloaded the demo version of norton a few times but everytime I download and install it, theres no trace of it on my computer. Any help would be great.
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thats not antivirus thats for adware hence the name. lol
I am a huge supporter of AVG Free.

8.0 released this month =) It's a great piece of software.
Awsome thanks heaps guys, with avg does it search out and remove pre-existing viruses and spyware like norton or just protect agaist it in the future? cos I've got a few viruses. One is a trojan horse, and another is this thing called "win spyware protct" that pops up and doesn't let you click out of it unless you agree to install it on your computer, which I haven't done, and I probably have some others aswell, im a big downloader.
AVG Free.

It can make some false virus alerts at times, but only on very, very, very few files.

I use it, and it's great.
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I use NOD32, I got it off of megaupload.com, google it, and then it'll give you 3 letters to put in the search and then you wait to dl it. But then the whole installation takes a lot of reading, but damn its one bitching antivirus, i pretty much just stole it though, its not freeware.
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You have to buy nod32, but yes, it is probably THE best in the world.
As for freeware, I'd recommend Avast. A lot of people like AVG as well, but cnet.com gave avast higher ratings and it has an on-access scanner that is always scanning your internets activity for any incoming viruses (idk if AVG does or not).
Firefox 3 scans files for viruses when you download as well.
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