So, from this forum I've heard good things about Carvin. I'm going to be upgrading my bass within the week, and am kind of tired playing through a Rumble 15.

I found the BR15 to be the only Carvin within my price range, and would like to know if anyone has it, has played it, etc etc. Basically if this lower-end Carvin holds up to what I've been hearing.
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I used to have a BR615 (the more powerful version) which I later replaced with a half stack version of the same thing (this time with 2x10 speakers) I really like it and it's extremely versatile, I wouldn't say it's perfect for any one sound but it does pretty much everything more than well enough. Plus my 600 watt version is just silly loud.
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I'm thinking of buying either the BR615, the 15" speaker, or the BR610, with two 10" speakers. Which one should I buy?
They're identical except for the fact that one has a 210 and one has a 115. It depends which of those you want. I would personally buy the 210 because it has a little bit more of a punch, which I like, but others would never give up that thump that comes from a 115.
Alright guys, thank you for the input. Looks like I've got something to start putting money too!
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