3 more days and I will buy my guitar, I suck picking a guitar and the worst part is I cannot play it before I bough it so I want to know which of the two guitars are better?
The RG2550 has that new tremolo system that helps keep you in tune if your strings break, if you're a heavy trem abuser that could work.
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It just boils down to...

"Do I want a pickguard?"
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^ exactly. I personally like the looks of the 2550. the 2570 is the same but has a textured finish, no pickguard, and gross colours (opinion).
They are the same exact guitar. One is front routed and one is rear routed.
Do you want a pickguard or not.
Thats the question you should be asking yourself
that is the only difference between them
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RG2570....I hate pick-guards.
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