alright, so ive been playing bass long enough that im at the point where i can play most things, and i have before. i dont really like just sitting around playing songs, but for when im not with my band or playing at school (being summer and all) id like to have some good things to play so i dont lose anything. id really appreciate it if anyone had some suggestions of things that are complex, fun, and not boring to play.

so thanks in advance, all suggestions welcome, minus the ones that say green day and such.
The "I Need Bass Songs to Learn" should help you out for whatever skill level of bass you're looking for.
Quote by Joe-Fish
I'd love for this thread to be stickied but the mod wouldn't allow it because he said we already have a song list for bass beginners. I see people linking to this thread for people asking for songs, I REALLLLLY appreciate that. I love to know you guys are making great use of the thread too.

That quote is from the thread referenced above. I love it when people make good use of that thread as well.

One of the reasons I ended up stickying the thread was that after a few reads through the thread and the numerous links, it really is a great thread that is a living document of songs of all levels and genres. While the familiar is there (and the ones that get suggested every time someone asks for a song to play) there are some great ones that I wouldn't have thought of or by groups I've yet to discover. The thread has sent me to my local CD store or download site and I've found new groups because of that thread.

I know its a huge read (170 posts at this point), but its worth the effort. And pass a few your favourites on as well to keep the list going.