So I was wondering.. I know this isn't "ultimate-violin.com" but are there any violin players out there that could tell me whether or not this is a good violin? http://www.stringworks.com/mall/violinmaestro.asp
I need to get a hold of a good quality violin and someone said this would be a good choice but I'm not sure. If no one has an answer, do any of you know of a place I could go to ask this? I figured I would post here because I know there are some people here that play other instruments and since I'm already registered to this site...
Ask rabidguitarist. He's the only violinist on UG that I know of.

Or search StringWorks Maestro violin on youtube, and see if you can get a video review.
for 900 bucks it better be nice, lolol

but thats just what it think, honestly i dont know anything about them sorry
Yea it looks like the one my brother has that he got for about a grand. Mine isn't as good as his but i've used it a couple times and it's pretty good.
Well I wouldn't buy it from the internet because you can't compare it. And violins are worse in this case than guitars..... you have bad violins for the same price as a good one.

If you want a good one, try to get a hold on a 2nd handed (try it of course) or a european violin (try it as well).

PS: I play the violin for 8 years now
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Ask rabidguitarist.
He knows his violin sh*t.
Nice fellow, too.
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Don't buy a violin off the internet.

You will need to try them out first, see which you are most comfortable with and which you can get a better sound out of.

Not to mention the gamble of whether something from the internet is badly manufactured or not.
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I played violin 9 years ago for a year but I don't remember anything. I wouldn't buy an instrument that I didn't know anything about off of the internet.