So lately I have been trying to build up my pedal board, and I really need an OD to go with what Ive got (catalinbread semaphore and analog man Sunface into a Palimino v16). My needs:

-Smoothish sound (not overly harsh)

-True bypass

-Controllable/Versatile<-i want to mainly use it for lower gain leads (lower then my fuzz) but also for some rhythm sounds (but no too Crunchy)

-Price range in around 175 USD

So far ive been mainly looking at an OCD (ive heard that they have to much mids) or a Silverkiss MK2
Check out the pedals that The.Spine.Surfs is building. I have one, and it is bitching!
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is he a user here or what?

EDIT: I just found him, they look pretty nice but I'm not looking for like a vintage tube screamer sound, more of a natural amp sound (like when an amp starts so break up)
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