My niece loves playing Guitar Hero, and she's surprisingly good at it. She always wants to play my sister's guitar but since she's only six, her mom is afraid something will happen when she plays it. While my sister was sleeping this morning, I grabbed her guitar and sort of taught my niece how to hold it and how to strum. It's a Squire Strat, btw. So it was kind of hard for her to stand up and reach the neck with a guitar that's as tall as her.

To cut to the chase, I want to get her a guitar because I honestly think if she had her own guitar within a year or two, she'll be better than me and that would be awesome. There's more guitars out than I can count, so to make this harder...
The guitar needs to be:
Really cheap, like no more than $150us
As light as possible, although I know there's things I can do to make it lighter
A shorter neck, 24.75 scale is a few inches too long for her right now
Preferably a strat style body and pink or purple. Neither of those are deal breakers though.
try a Squier Junior Strat, they're the same as what you've got only a shorter scale.
for a little kid
get a walmart guitar
then if she is really really into it
and seems like she'd be commited
then buy another one
o o o get the hello kitty guitar!!!
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i would go with a mini style guitar i know that a lot of guitar companies are starting to make guitars for their "younger" customers and some of them are surprisingly decent and they are also somewhat in your price range

just dont go too expencive because the chances are that she could lose intrest in it when she learns how difficult it is to first start out on a guitar

best of luck to her though
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for a little kid
get a walmart guitar
then if she is really really into it
and seems like she'd be commited
then buy another one

I was going to get her a first act one a few months ago but I haven't been able to find any. I had one and it was really light and sounded decent. You find me an actual guitar that WalMart sells, and I'll look into it because I haven't ever seen a steel stringed guitar at a walmart.

Maybe I'll take her to Guitar Center in a day or so and see if she likes the Mikro.
SX's are pretty good, maybe I should just get her The Gypsy Rose SX pack and just teach her some exercises to stretch her fingers....