Hey guys - I just created my own site for talking about any aspect of the media that you like - films, television, and most importantly here, MUSIC!

One of my aims is to promote my own band. But of course, that would be selfish and stupid of me! I want to see any band who does not play as professionals or religiously, but just for fun, as a way of havin' a good time. Come to my site, leave a link of yourselves playing for others to see, and who knows, maybe you'll like the site and stick around!

Still very much a work in progress, I'm looking to get this thing on it's feet!
Thanks in advance guys:

EDIT: Many apologies if this is considered as spam
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Guys, it's great to see interest, and the bands sound great from what I heard. Come on and leave these links in my comments section, and crit any others you find there. Help me get this thing goin' guys!
Young = anything from 13 to 50. My oldest member is 18. My aim was to see any band that played just for the enjoyment, or is just starting up, and wants some more exposure.
and GUYS!!!!!!!! leave those links on my site please! I want your help in increasing the traffic and interest in it, and if you comment there it will help a lot!
i registered and posted sum stuff
Jackson Dinky DKMGT
PRS SE Paul Allender
Peavey 6505+ 112
i'm insinkerator.... i commented etc

I'll have a ash off the other lads in a while... my headphone jack is broken on the comp and its too early to start playing musak
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