Im 15 and my summer break just started and i need a summer job for a les paul Can you guys give me any ideas besides whoring myself? Muchos Gracias .
Wal-Mart will hire you.
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Let it be known that I concur with everything this gentleman says, ever.

Don't do fast food. I'm begging you, don't do fast food. It may be alright at fun at first, but it's lame. Seriously. It will make you want to shoot yourself in the head.
Ask in shops? Is that not the best idea ever?
All they can do is say no.
I suggest going to a shop that isn't a franchise. I earnt over 2 grand working over the summer and I had just started the job.
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^ unless you're high the whole time, and just steal food the whole time.
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^ unless you're high the whole time, and just steal food the whole time.

When I worked at Whataburger, I did that.

But Burger King are a bunch of assholes about it, man, for real. I'm done with fast food after this job.
just go apply everywhere you can.
i'd avoid fast food though...
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The best way to go about getting a summer job is to do it 4 to 6 weeks before summer starts. As an employer i can say i have the most respect for high school/college students that apply a month before summer starts and just request not to start until finals are over.

But, since you didn't do that, i suggest asking around and seeing if places will even hire 15 year olds. Most places wont. FYI you can't be in food service (waiter, bartender, etc.) because you need a food handlers license and an alcohol handlers license.
constrcution man- they always need people to clean **** up around the site- im 15 and I just got a job at a construction site , 12$ and hour, and I can go whenever i want
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