So i'm sitting in my living room playing my RG7321 and finish and put it up. A couple hours later I come back and plug it in and all I hear is static. I can hear the guitar (barely) under the static when I play, but most of the distortion is gone. Any ideas what could be wrong? Should I take it to a guitar shop?
it might be the input jack on the guitar or it could be that your pickups shorted out or it could be the amp and its input jack could be broken or it could be that your gain on your amp is broken

more than likely its your input jack on your guitar though
cable? amp? jack?

maybe those are the causes.
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im bettin its the pick-ups, on my first guitar, about five yrs ago, my epiphone did the same thing. it had somethin to do with wires touching so i took some eletrical tape and tape the wires seperate. that guitar still works perfect
Oh and btw, my other guitars still work fine on the same amp and cable, so it has to be the guitar.
when me and my friend put new pickups on his guitar it made noise like this, maybe it got bumped and something happened to the wires and the signal got ****ed

i dont remember how we fixed it but it wasnt so hard

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check all wire contact points if any are broken then re solder them
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