I want a fuzz that will handle late-era hendrix/ band of gypsys stuff. What's the difference between the USA and russian big muffs? Should I even get a big muff?
You'll probably want a silicon-transistor Fuzz Face. The most recent Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face, and the, was it an MXR? 108 Fuzz are two of the ones to look at.

Take a look at the many silicon Fuzz Face clones that are around, as well.
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seriously it does a great hendrix fuzz
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The big muff is marketed as being modelled on hendrix's tone (anyone here know it was originally distributed by guild under the name "foxy lady fuzz"?), but its actually quite far from it. Its mid-scooped, i think the only resemblance to it is the bass overkill.

Mind you, Hendrix mainly used a Marshall Plexi, cranked (VERY loud) and an arbiter fuzz face (now made by dunlop). Tube amps with power amp breakup, combined with fuzzboxes, have a distinct growl to them, which you'll only get with a tube amp. which leads me to this question:

what amp do you have?
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