Killing in the Name- Rage Against the Machine

Some one had to say it!
People = ****
Most of the Iowa album, actually
Quote by kevin14u2nv
heck yeah its gonna be heavy its gonna be in Drop A tuning and the opening line of the CD will be like Worship god

and then the pope just does a freakin brutal breakdown
Right now by Korn
Yertle the Turtle was king of the pond.
A nice little pond. It was clean. It was neat.
The water was warm. There was plenty to eat.
The turtles had everything turtles might need.
And they were all happy. Quite happy indeed.
Killing in the Name Of- RATM. it's already been said, but it's a great "f*ck you" song.
Inferno - Symphony X
Soon you will sit on the bench
of those who deny I have my soul
You sell a dream you create
Condemned by what you condemned before
Smooth are the words you sing down and high
Underground is your joy your laws
Triumph by Elysia
If These Bullets Could Talk by The Number Twelve Looks Like You
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