I'm having a hard time to decide between Fender, or a Gibson. Not any specific types just the overall brand.

I play punk with a mix of grunge. Much like The Distillers, or Hole.

I'd like to play with a sound like Brody's.

She uses a custom fender with a custom humbucker single pickup. I'm not sure the amp she uses I think its a vintage marshall amp.

To sum it up, I play in a punk band. I'd like to sound like Brody from The Distillers, I don't have tons of money for equipment. Help me out?
if you don't have enough money a fender
or an epiphone...
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well i would suggest a fender hss thats ncie for punk or just go straight up gibson and have that tough yet also fat funky sound
What kind of amp do you have? And if you want Brody's sound, then get a Fender. But if I were you, I'd just play around on guitars until I find something I like the feel of that could manage her sound and be able to find my own sound. From the sounds of it, she uses a Tele with single bridge and a 'bucker in the neck.
dude. get a fender tom delonge strat!
that would be perfect for you!
and get a used marshall jcm 800 or 900 head with a cheap 2x12!
Don't judge by brand judge by what you like playing iow go to gc and other music stores and play multiple guitars til your happy
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Also caught her playing fallout boy on my guitar, changed my strings and cleaned it the next day.
Thanks, I got lots of great tips that are definatly useful. I think I might get a Fender but I'm still having trouble with what pickup and am to get.
What is your budget? If your on a budget, you could grab a used Fender Standard Tele and stick a 'bucker in the neck. There's also the Deluxe series that comes with a standard in the neck, but I heard (from Jenny) the neck's basically a jizz-covered baseball bat.
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I have a to watt kustom amp. Haha, so as you can see I don't sound great.

Then get a new amp. It will have a much bigger effect on your overall sound.

And next time at least narrow your search down to some models before making a thread. It's bad enough to try and compare an LP to a Strat, but comparing entire brands to one another is infinitely worse.
I'm not exactly on a budget I just only make six dollars and only get around thirty. I plan on getting a new amp because I know how important they are for sound. I'd like something around a vintage marshall just a thousand dollars cheaper.
What is your BUDGET? Just give us a general idea. If you want a Marshall sound on a budget, then I suggest a Traynor YCV50Blue of maybe a Peavey Classic. (God, I've suggest the Traynor at least 10 times today...).
I'd say a budget of one thousand pushing it. But with patience perhaps two thousand. I don't need this right away I just need a basic idea of what to get when the time comes. Thanks Iceman, I'm thinking about getting the Fender Standard Tele
No prob, and maybe try to find one of the standard Ash Tele's or the Squier Classic Vibes if they have it. The dudes at the Tele forum are basically messing themselves at the awesomeness. The Traynor I describe would be pretty good for the $1000 budget, but you could probably get a decent Marshall amp at that state. Still, if you wanna save, Ceriatone makes some pretty decent Marshall clones.
You can't just buy a guitar based on the brand. Every guitar company has low end crap guitars.
I'd probably stick with the Traynor for now but now I'm deciding between the Ash Tele's or Fender Tele, theres probably not much of a difference huh?
The Ash Tele is just a Fender with an Ash body. I think their lighter and brighter, but go out and try to see if you test them side-by-side. And the Squier Classic Vibe Tele's are pine, which is lighter and I think more resonant from what I hear. That's what I'll hopefully be getting soon.
Thanks! You've definatley been the biggest help. I'll try all three out if possible.