My girlfriend just made me a meatloaf Hungry Man. A pound of food.

I was just wondering if anyone was jealous or not.

Anyone have a favorite hungry man? Boy is that sweet n sour chicken good.
My favorite hungry man is the beer battered chicken and cheese fries.

as far as jealousy goes, does she have uber big boobies?
Perhaps I didn't mention the mashed potatoes, corn and brownie on the side.

I saw that beer battered chicken and cheese fries but didn't get it which is odd because it sounded so good at the time and still does.

My girlfriend has amazing boobs.
At least she's learning to stay in the kitchen before any commitments.
Oh she knows her place. She doesn't leave the kitchen except for when I'm ready to have sex.

On demand.
NOOOO! The best hungry mans are the hamurger ones, and maybe the chicken sandwich ones. The beer battered chicken ones are edible...barely. I have not had the meatloaf ones, I'm doubting there deliciousness.

I'm pretty sure that's more than just a pound of food...

EDIT: Sorry for huge pic before
I'm pretty sure Hungry Man Dinners are disgusting, not completely sure...but tipping towards the disgusting scale in surety.
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Fuuck Hungry Man.

Holy ****, dude, I can build my own snowman AND ****ing eat it?!?!
Dude, and the macaronis are shaped like snowmen too?!?!?! FUUUUUUCK!
I'd so buy that ****, but I feel like playing hopscotch right now.
I am not jealous of your reconstituted solent green "food." If that's the best thing your girlfiend can cook, I hope she's a devil in bed.
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I'm pretty sure that's more than just a pound of food...

Yeah man. That's the culmination of years of dedicated effort.
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I prefer the boneless fried chicken.
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Meatloaf sucks so no. But at least she knows her place so +1

BullSh*t, if she really knew her place she would have made a home made one from scratch, real women use the oven, not the microwave

lololol haha