Hey guys, another which guitar thread but here goes.
First off, I like to play Metallica, Megadeth, some Iron Maiden and things like that.
I'm looking for a fast playing guitar for some lead work so here are some guitars ive been looking at.

Ibanez S2170FW

Schecter Hellraiser C1 - FR

ESP/LTD MH-1000 (with EMG's)

If you have any other suggestions some of my preferences are a set neck, Original Floyd Rose, Emg's, good upper fret access. (I know the ibanez doesent fully fit this description but I hear they are great guitars anyway)
Too much equipment to write down...
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I have a Jackson rr24 and im in love with it, and i only play metal
I'd say your best option would be to get out and try to test all of those guitars. As much as researching guitars on the internet helps, nothing is better then playing them for yourself.
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Jackson's are a solid group for what you are looking for, I have one and I love it. I have also played on the ESP and that is a great guitar. Very fast neck.
My personal choice is the Schecter (I'm actually planning on buying one of those very models soon) simply cause I tested it out and I found it lots better than the others on my list.

But yeah, dude above me is right, ya gotta test them all out yourself.
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Of those, the Ibanez wins easy, but for the price of that Ibanez you could get a real ESP, which would be a good contender. Just something to consider...