how do you get this done? and where?? cuz after i saw Steve Vais thing, i thought it was soo cool, then i saw like, a cool dragon, and an awesome sword with vines behind it...

so yeah. do you have to buy a completely new neck with no fret markers? or how does it work?
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They're called inlays, if you googled about you can find alot of them.
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google it. Theres plenty of people who will do a custom fretboard. I guess they come as replacement fretboards so you take off the original, but I'm not too sure. I do warn you, it's not cheap...
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A good custom fret board with inlays isnt cheap then there is the trouble of removing the old fret board and putting the new one on. Taking a fret board is not a 5 minute project or something to do as a first project. There have been many threads on here about custom inlays. The answer is always the same, expensive.