I need a new input on my LP because i fucked it up and it comes loose every now and then and it does get annoying screwing the nut on every time i plug the cord in. a Bit of the thread is stripped.
It's two wires that need to be soldered to the input, is that all?
I think i will do this on my own but I've never soldered anything in my guitar, any tips?
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Two wires to the input, make sure you remember which ones went to which contact. I mark one with a sharpie just to make sure.
For soldering:
-bend the wire over the contact so it sits well without any solder
-heat the wire/contact pair with your iron from the back of the contact
-introduce solder from the front, it will flow through towards the iron
Always clean your iron and contacts! Treat your gear well, it will last a long time.