The 1/4th port that you use to plug a cord into the amp is kind of broke. Like the round circle thing around the hole just fell off and now the cord won't stick in the hole. It really sucks that that's all that's wrong with it, but now he can't use it. Any help?
Well where is it positioned?
Chances are, you just open up the control cavity on the back of the bass.

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The port? It's like on the bottom by the volume and tone knobs. The circle silver parts around the port are the things that fell off.
You can just screw it back in. It probably just got loose and fell into the cavity, it's happened to me before.
You mean the jack? Did the little nut around the opening fall off?
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lol the port

its a usb drive is it mate?
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Ts, it sounds like a pretty simple fix, you should be able to screw the nut (giggity ) back onto the jack, which is the round thing you put the cord in. If the jack has gone back into the bass I there should be an openable cavity for you to get to it.

Worst case scenario is you might have to remove the pickguard, but as long as you know how to use a screwdriver it shouldn't be a problem.
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lol the port

its a usb drive is it mate?

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The input jack is a quick fix like every one has said, just screw the nut back on the jack. We have a Squier strat in my house that this happens to on a frequent basis. Just make sure that your friend isn't jerking the cable out of the input jack either, this will loosen the jack over time and isn't too great for the cable either.
thats an easy fix, you might have to take off the pickguard to fix, or unless it has a back cavity... in any case, you just open that up, put the jack back through the hole inwhich i should be, and screw it back together... this usually happens with the foreign models made in china, and japan... they seem never to tighten the screw on the jack... I built my own bass just, when your doing make sure not to pull out any of the wires...
Screw it back in?

Replace it?

Nah, mine does get loose sometimes.
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Thanks all, we got it fixed up. All the help is much appreciated (: