Hey guys, I'm kind of new here to the forums, but I have been lurking for a while =D

As I don't do lessons and haven't done since I started (I did them for like a week), I was just wanting to check up on my progress, and where I should be at as a player.

Roughly what songs should I be able to play after 1 year (or what songs did you know after one year).

My apologies if this thread is where it should be not.

It varies from player to player. Someone who devotes every waking moment is of course going to be better than somene who plays casually.

The important thing is that you're enjoying yourself...
what kind of music are you playing? I don't think it really matters how complex a song is considering guitar is for your enjoyment. Just work on learning how to play songs you like because there pleasant to listen to or fun to play.
Touche to the words of wisdom guys...

No, I can play American Idiot fine... Yay =D

I kind of play a touch of everything I guess; from classic/modern rock, to Blues (mainly the Led Zeppelin stuff), classic metal (heaps of Metallica and Maiden etc...), to funk, Santana solo's etc...

I guess why I asked is because I wouldn't mind going professional with my music, like going to a music school.
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If you can't play American Idiot, you have a problem

Isn't that song random strumming?