Working title, an old guitarist chose the name so i figure im gonna need to change it cause he has a song with the same name
enjoy, and please tell me what sounds better, what sounds fake, and what just sounds stupid
note:this is the first song i wrote, and i mean REALLY wrote, so i dont expect much from it

The key fits but who cares
plastic smiles so no one stares
everyone cares
but no one dares
to comply
with their lies
stuck in a jar with suppressed memories
of all the times that mommy cried


Here we go again
with the cuts on my skin
from the paper that says
im a failure
a right hand romancer
with a bottle of gin
in case she says no again

Here we go again
with the mask's that we wear
to keep us hidden from the light
they shine on us to uncover our lies

Verse 2:

As my Dreams
lay at the bottom of the darkness
you created for the days
when we waited for a reason to call
our own

Who is the reason
that where tried to find
because what is liar
where everyone goes
when life is too hard to take



with the lies of a fallen angel
his heart beating still
in the hand of a god
with a smirk on her face
becaseu she's ruining everything