I was thinking of trading my Schecter C1+ for it, but I'm not sure how these two compare. I'm not totally satisfied with my schecter, don't really like the feel of it (i prefer my Ibanez RG170) but I've heard the teles can be a bit unreliable, but I've always had a think for them . I really enjoy all genres of music to play, Blues/Jazz/Meta/Rock, and both guitar retail for basically the same price.

I was thinking i could just use the RG for anything metal and maybe upgrade the pickups in it one day, and have the tele as my non-metal guitar.


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First off... nice sig. Even if it hurts my brain...

Second, I actually heavily considered getting a Lite Ash Tele when I was guitar shopping about a year ago and I was not impressed. I didn't like the way it played and it didn't resonate like a good guitar usually does. The sharp frets didn't help either. I could have played a dud, but that was my experience...
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I think you should. If you arent happy with the schecter, then definately.

I do love them ash teles.

Sounds to me like you've already made up your mind
The Lite Ash Tele I played myself had bad frets - they stood out on both ends of the fretboard. But everything else was just fine. And the sound - WOW! Even though it was only a tele, it handled even hard rock nicely, not to mention the excellent cleans. I'd have fallen in love with this guitar and bought it right on the spot if it wasn't for the frets.
I suppose that the fret issue isn't a common problem though, seeing as other Fenders in that price range have nice fretwork. I'd say go for it if the one you saw doesn't have that problem.
A really good guitar, exceptional in that price range.

Oh and as always, buy what YOU like, not what WE like! If you tried it and liked it, go for it.
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What do you mean by bad/sharp frets exactly?

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You have to be aware that ash can be different from itself.
The top of a tree where ash was cut from can sound dull, where as the trunk of the tree can sound full. So ideally different ash bodied guitars will sound different. Test them out and find which one suits you best.
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What do you mean by bad/sharp frets exactly?

The frets are wider than the fretboard, so they stick out on the sides of it. Playing with this can be painful if the fretwire has sharp edges. It generally is a sign of bad quality.
I actually own one and I totally love it! Go test some, that's the only way to pick a correct guitar.
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