bass wood body...... dimarzio preference.... which one? Drop A I like thickness not thin pickups.
What kind of music do you play? I guess drop a means something heavy, right?
Ones I know and like are the tone zone for the bridge and the PAF7 for the neck. The latter can also be used for the bridge.
The tone zone is rather bassy and has loads of midrange, the output is right for a heavy rock sound. The PAF7 has slightly less output and is treblier, all in all it's more traditional sounding, good for everything rock oriented, but also great for bluesy stuff in the neck position. If you like the tone of KoRn, you'll like the PAF7, it's my personal favourite at least.
No I dont like korn's tone at all. I like the way Chris Broderick's from megadeth.... I like his 7 string sound. I also really like unearths tone. I play metal music... I dont play on using my 7 string as a main guitar but i do want a few songs on our cd to be with it. Mostly for the more death metal influenced songs. Because I like the way the low a and then having standard tuning sounds for death metal. I really want something clear and thick. It's like emg's to me sound to thin. I like thickness.
I don't know what these guys use, sorry
But from your description, I think the tone zone should work for you - the sound of it is really really FAT.