hi all. The other day i broke my high E string on my electric. I've been trying to replace it with an old e string i kept after a previous string change. However, I am having some trouble. The string refuses to take hold within the tuners, and is continually pulled through as tension is increased. The string has been clipped, so that there is only about an inch or less remaining after being set from bridge to tuners, is this my problem? Does a string originally require its length so that it can wrap under itself before being trimmed? Sorry about the wordy explanation, im very tired ha. hope someone can help, cheers
Buy a new one tbh. If its been used, it wont hold tuning for as long as the others, and obviously wont be as clean, and so will look silly.

Maybe a whole string change soon would do some good Only a fiver for some ernie balls or something
ha yeah i plan to tomorrow when my local music store is open just wanted it for prac tonight
A tip for ya. Buy yourself a 10 set of strings instead of a new one everytime you want to restring.

I ordered a 12 set Elixir string a few days ago. $8 per set is one amazing deal...

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