Nope, you'd need the original recording, with the separate tracks. There's a program that takes out the vocal part by fiddling with the EQ, I think. I'm not sure how well it works, though.

Sometimes, a particular track will be panned hard left/right, so you can fiddle with the panning to take it out.
Otherwise I don't think you can.

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I actually want to know this
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Yeah, I think there's some special machine you can get. I read about it in a magazine once, so I'm not sure if you can buy it yet or anything. TS, I love your name by the way
usually i look up live vids or try listening to one ear phone or fiddling with the EQ on my speakers, to discern the guitar parts in a busy mix amirite?
edit: lol i typed busty when i meant to type busy.
Download Transcribe and set the Mono/Karaoke to Active and check Out of Phase. This'll get rid of most of the stuff panned to center(drums and vocals).