This sucks balls...i've been praying for strong winds for the UK all week for some waves to surf ( well, not literally praying). then i see this

Kinda sucks for those people living their

Just found out about this :/

There was a major power outage this morning, and the rains been coming all day.
Stupid boats.
Quote by soulflyV
I thought all English beaches were rocks and low tides with overcast skies.

unlike our, white sand, bright, sunny, glassy beaches with nice 3-4ft ground swells
Wet season's a bitch.
I went to a nice beach resort in Boracay there and it was pouring =[
Seriously though,that sucks

EDIT: I read the article,and the boat left the port, even though there were typhoon warnings.
The people who let the boat leave are pretty stupid
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