Well I just agreed to teach a friend’s young brother who has recently got into guitar, over the summer. So I’m just wondering if you guys can give my any tips on what to focus on with him.

He’s about nine or ten, so my theory is just to teach him stuff that’ll keep him having fun. Basically so he can develop a passion for it. I’m pretty sure that if I had been heaved into the theory side of things at his age, I would have been put off and probably quit. If I can make sure he’s having fun and enjoying it, the more technical side of it should come naturally later on, right?

Anyway for the first couple of lessons, I was thinking on looking at these things…

- Basic Chord Shapes
- Different Rhythm Strumming Patterns
- One or two of the simpler songs he wants to be able to play

Maybe teach simple songs on one or two strings and teach him proper chords a bit later.
smoke on the water on the E string
come as you are
seven nation army
E minor and A minor would be easy chords to start off with
then you could teach him G major, C major and D major

maybe an easier version of G without the E and A string
It's good to skip theory for a while and let him listen to his favorite song with a lot of attention. He could write down the structure of the song and try to play some melodies by ear on the guitar. That way he'll train his ears AND enjoy guitar playing. With too much theory it could get boring
Some musical theory relies on hypothetical concepts and is very abstract. Ever heard about paigets theorys? On average, children under 12 have trouble understanding hypothetical concepts and children under 7 have trouble understanding some maths (which is essential for theory). Teaching an 8 year old theory wouldnt work for the majority of children.

Just teach him how to read tabs and how to play some simple riffs. Chords might be too hard.
Sorry to dig up my old thread. But I was wondering...

How much should I charge for a 40 min lesson?
Quote by Tomaz24
Sorry to dig up my old thread. But I was wondering...

How much should I charge for a 40 min lesson?
21.95$AUD an hour