my cousin is skeptical about the licensed floyds. He is looking at getting a dean razorback v.but he wonders if the licensed floyds on the guitars will break down after awhile and need relpacment. he also wonders if licensed floyds will rust easily and if they are just as good as original floyds as far as quality and performance goes.
i think licensed floyds are actually pretty good for the cost, and it isn't that much worse than an OFR. Of course, OFR's will stay in tune a bit better, but cost quite alot more too. IMO as long as your not playing gigs every night and using it non-stop in every song, then it should be ok.
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it really depends on the licensed floyd. some could be argued as being better than an OFR (e.g. gotoh ge1996). Others are terrible (ibanez lo-trs, for example).

i think your cousin is right to be wary with that one. I haven't tried it, but i work on the assumption that unless i know for sure that it's a quality copy, i avoid it. it's better to be safe than sorry.
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