Heya folks.

First things first, I've never played the guitar and I don't yet own one, but I'm planning to buy one. Before I buy one, I was going to visit a music academy nearby and ask them for some advice and whatnot on which guitar I should get. Before doing that, I thought I'd do some research on the topic on the internet aswell.

I mostly want to play a very specific kind of music, mainly that of medieval/renaissance kind of music. Music like greensleeves (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhlbeTdXfj4) and Trotto (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IL-...feature=related)

Here's a few questions that I'd appreciate if someone could answer

What would I classify those kinds of songs as?... classical music?

Would "Acoustic" be the guitar I buy?

If I went to a teacher, would the training be geared specifically to those kinds of songs, or would they be more general?

Thanks for any help you can provide!
hey, welcome to ug, first of all i think you would look like a twat going to a music academy to look for advice on what guitar to buy! its not tht big of a purchase, so i would be too embarrased to. Secondly yes that would be classified as classical music. Thirdly, if you asked for an acoustic guitar they would give you a steel stringed acoustic, you want a nylon stringed 'classical guitar'. the other difference apart from the strings is that the spaces between the strings is wider on a classical which makes finger picking easier. by the way greensleeves is easy you will be playing it in no time any other questions?

sorry oh ya, well if your paying for lessons they will do whatever you want them to do, but if this person is in any way a competent music teacher they wil insist you learn more general things, trust me it would be for the best and makes the most sense
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Yes, they would probably be classed as Classical music. You would probably want an acoustic guitar with nylon strings, however you can play any kind of music on any kind of guitar (might not sound very good but it's possible).

As for teachers you could probably find one that specialises in that niche area but bear in mind that as a beginner you will be learning the exact same things as a non-specific teacher would tell you.

Learning from a classical instructor would be beneficial in the long run but for the first few (insert however long it takes to 'get it' here) you will be learning things you could probably teach yourself without causing any harm.

My advice (and it's purely that take it or leave it) is to teach yourself about guitar basics (care, strings, notes, chords, scales) and then find a teacher to specialise in.

It's like learning basic maths before you ask someone to teach you quadratic equations, they'd have to teach you something you could learn yourself for free before you could begin the lessons.

Hope that makes sense?