Hi UG,

I'm looking a cheap online shop for electronical pieces, enclosures,... everything for DIY effects. What's the best one for this?

btw: I live in europe!!!

if u get lucky u might get somethin on eBay
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in the uk maplin tends to be the cheapest for the things they have. Rapid is a little more expensive but they have a lot of things that you can't get at maplin. Digikey has just about everything you need but although digikey has a UK website they don't have a wharehouse in the UK so everthing is shipped from other countries. This means you often times end up with added fees you don't expect and it means shipping is slow and expensive.

Other guitar websites are allparts uk and wdmusic but they are typically the most expensive. I get a 33% discount from them and they are still typicically more expensive that the other options.
Not taking any online orders.
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