Let's end the pessamistic attitude people!

What's the BEST thing about being a guitarist?

For me it's

- Writing your own material
- The kudos people give you for being able to play the simplest parts
1. Sex
2. Drugs
3. Rock n roll.

This seems to be the official agenda.
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Hell yes.

-Impressing chicks with I-IV-V chord progressions in the key of G.

-Being able to relate to other guitarists and Jam.

-Joining the High School Funk band.

-Getting money by playing guitar at school.
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Satisfaction of doing something creative

These are for me
ive gotten no chicks from my guitar playing i must really suck

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Chicks, booze and the freedom to not wash for days, right?
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The best things about playing the guitar for me is:

1. I feel that I can accomplish something.
2. Impress people (chicks are top priority).
3. Being creative.
4. Jamming and socialising.
5. Being able to express myself and write music I enjoy myself.
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- It's been said but impressing chicks is pretty much the best thing about guitar.
- Being able to understand something that not many people you know understand (music).
- When someone says "Play *song name*" or "SHRED!" you can.
- Playing a song, or exercise or even writing a song that is difficult for your standard.

There the best.
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whenever i tell a girl i play guitar, they seem to start liking me more... its like wtf?
but im not complaining...

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