hi.. as i mentioned in another thread i fancy getting a firebird , it will probably be an epiphone or maybe a tokai, does any one one here use any brand of firebird & whats your opinion on them as i am a guitar novice & all my friends like strats & teles etc...

I hope to go to my local guitar store tomorrow to check one out so i would be glad of any help...thanks
They are awesome.. I got an epi custom shop one for christmas with full size humbuckers and steinberger tuners and it's great for all the hard rock stuff from Wolfmother to Cream and Zeppelin.
I love their look and sound, but they usually have a problem known as a neck dive. It's where the neck's not in balance with the body, and when you let go of the neck, it just falls down. Easy to fix though: Just put in a new strap button on either the upper horn or through a screw in the neck plate.
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the tokai firebirds have alder bodies. just take note of that.

might not be your cup of tea if you're looking for a gibson firebird tone. but nevertheless, tokais do sound great and are grat guitars.

also, the epiphone firebird vii is not that good. of those i've tried, never liked any of them. they sound decent but lack the factor that makes me want to buy one.
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