Has anyone ever tried to build their own bongo, djembe, or the like.
Im looking to build one and I could use all the tips I can get.
So far my information is coming up a bit short.

Thanks alot guys,

- Ryan
coffee can + wax paper
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I would think it would be very difficult as you have to prep the hide and everything. You also need to be very strong to get it tight enough if you're going to tune it with ropes. I think I would recommend trying to get all the bits ready prepared for you then just having to do all the rope business. I did find a very good guide to tunning a djembe the other day. I don't know jack about bongos btw only djembes.
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you should check out rhythmtraders.com, they sell kits for djembes, as well as hides, rings, etc. separately. i dont know how involved you want to be in the process, but that would be an easy way to make one.
bongo's are going to be hard to build cause they are Stave shells.
djembe's are going to be hard to build cause their shells are solid plastic...(not plastic...but ive never built one, so i dont know.)

if your serious bout it, sign up over at ghostnote.net . that is the drumbuilders website.

im a member...since im a drummer..haha....but they could help you out more since its drums..

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