This is my second Zelda metal song. This one (off Majora's Mask this time) is my second favourite after the Gerudo Valley theme. It should be in my profile.

I used Acoustica Beatcraft for the drums, Guitar Pro 5 for the bass, and all guitar is me. C4C.

NOTE: My version is a medley of three types of this song (If you've played it, you'll know there's three versions of the song for the three days). Here are the original versions if you want to hear them.

Hahahah dude I love this song. Brings back so many memories. First part sounds really good, very solid. The heavier part is great too. Your tone is good and so is the playing. The harmonized part is sweet. Though you know, for some reason, through out the whole song, I felt like the backing chords were lacking...I dunno why. Did you follow a tab or did you just kind of create this of your own accord?

Overall, very sick cover dude, keep it up!

I have a mario cover done as well, mind checking it out?

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wow, that was pretty sick, I'm trying to think of Zelda songs you could do that would sound good with that metal sound, if I think of any I'll get back to you, keep up the good work
Thanks for the comments. I'm actually working on a Zelda Metal album at the moment. I've just finished recording another song (it's not up yet though)
Thats pretty cool.
The only thing that disturbs me a little bit is that the guitar is out of tune at some places.
You should "intonera din gitarr" in swedish.. don't rly know the english term.
Maybe it was meant to be like this, doesn't sound too bad.

Great job man, enjoyed listening.