I was in Romania recently and was shown this guitar. The back appears to be made from and armadillo shell or similar. It was nylon strung and didn't have a very good action. Anyone got any ideas about it, please?

anyways it was probly a custom done by a luthier i doubt youll find much information on it at all.
what a creative idea!

and yeah, it's probably custom made by a luthier.
how'd it sound?
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It didn't have a very good action, but sounded pleasant enough with it's nylon strings, would probably be OK if it was set up properly. I'm pretty sure it wasn't an artificial shell, and it seems like a lot of trouble to go to to imitate one.

I've just had a look on Google for 'armadillo shell', and it's based on a charango shown here which has 10 strings. There's also a pic of an armadillo shell violin here and one or two other links to similar instruments.

So it probably was a genuine armadillo shell guitar.
now that's just plain.. WOW.
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